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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  June 24, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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start your day 5:00 to 9:00. i'm throwing the football to kiante, our special guest tonight. we'll see you back here, tomorrow night. p. good night from washington. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> i personally am calling to impeach the president of the united states. this is impeachable. if you don't want your vote back, what will it take? >> the conservative radio talk show hosts are very hard on president obama. but now with all the chaos, have they been correct about him from the beginning? we will hear from both sides tonight. >> we have a problem with you and you have a problem with maintaining your credibility. >> the new irs commissioner, once again, under siege but are republican congressman people being unfair to the man? darrell issa will answer that question. >> the revolutionary war.
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who did we fight there? >> china. >> china? [ laughter ] >> also ahead, why do people who don't know anything go in front of tv cameras with watters? we will tell you. >> vice president of the united states of america. >> dick cheney? [ buzzer ] >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. first off two news briefs about key primaries during the broadcast this evening. pithy, we will keep it pitty, because we have a solid lineup for you. we will begin with this question. were the conservative radio talk show hosts correct about president obama from the beginning. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo? s as you may know bitter divide between. the left basically wants a
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different america, a progressive place where the federal government calls the shot. the right wants to maintain tradition and believes that smaller government is best. enter, perhaps, the most liberal president in history barack obama. from the beginning of his pain in 2007, he has been severely criticized on conservative talk radio. no surprise there. the president stands for things the right wing loathes. criticism is directed at the president are both personal and professional. the personal stuff doesn't amount to much. he is not a muslim. he was not born in kenya. he has never doneff fairous. word of the day. but the professional criticisms are turning out to be somewhat valid. a new cbs news, "new york times" poll usually very generous to the president shows his administration has collapsed in the court of public opinion. independence have joined conservatives in believing the president is not doing a good job. the basic problem is
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competency. and you may remember that the radio guys pointed out that barack obama had little experience running anything. that he was basically a community organizer and theorytitian if you analyze the facts seems to be accurate. problem skills and problem solving ability are dubious. president obama was quite clear, quite clear that if elected president he would reform the veterans affairs department. >> the true test of our patriotism is whether we will serve our returning heroes as well as they served us, that's why i pledged to build a 21st century v.a. as president. that means no more red tape. >> so what happened to that pledge? well, the v.a. is now a scandal. there are allegations that more than 1,000 american vets have actually died because they could not access proper care. the v.a. admits that more
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than 120,000 vets waited far too long for doctors so see them. in addition, the feds have paid out $845 million to settle v.a. malpractice suits. senator coburn of oklahoma, a physician himself has identified $25 billion wasted by the v.a. despite that $100 million given to v.a. administrators in bonus money in 2010 alone. a shocking abuse of taxpayer money. and while all that was happening, president obama did nothing, absolutely nothing add that the border, iraq, putin, the irs and you have an administration that's basically missing in action. in fact, for you history buffs what's happening right now is almost identical to president u.s. grants second term. it all fell apart for the old general because did he not pay attention. so, to be fair, it looks like the conservative radio talk show hosts were correct in their assessment of barack barack obama's ability to
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run the country. or am i wrong? and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction. joining us from washington, kirsten powers, and here in the studio monica crowley, both are fox news analysts. so you are about to enter the no gloating zone. >> i'm not gloating. no gloating here. >> even though you did say at the beginning on the radio. >> i did. >> all right. that you do not believe this president could administrate. could run anything. >> right. that was one of the many points that those of us on the right were making and warning about barack obama back in 2008. all of the examples you lay out are t this is a american headquarters alert. associated press called the race for incumbent, thad cochran. you can see not all precincts are in, but what is still out,
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they're saying that thad cochran will mean, likely will mean he is going to have a seventh term in the united states senate. he was supported by tea party groups. this race went down to the wire. turn out was intense across the board nchl jackson county, cochran wins by 50.5%. again, thad cochran, the winner. now back to bill o'reilly, in progress. itad to do ideology. think at this had to do with mismanagement. >> is he too busy the other things to pay attention to that. >> you read the polls, you know what's going on. the president is cratering in job approval among independence, even among democrats. 25% of democrats according to the cbs poll think he is doing a horrible job. radio guys in the beginning, i use guys in a union sex
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way. everybody is included in the guys. all right, they said, look, the guy has no experience. he cannot run this. and that looks to me to be accurate. >> well, perhaps. but also, there does happen to be the fact that that is pretty much what they say about every democrat who runs for office. in fact, i will make a prediction right now, bill. the next democrat who runs for president will not have the right experience, they will not love america, they will actually hate the military. >> scrutinized but they will not say he doesn't have experience. >> yes they will. they absolutely will. >> i'm sorry they have already said it. they said the same things he they will accuse whoever it is to be border line socialists. far left. they did it with john kerry. the liberal senator. they say the same thing about every single democrat now sudden isenly you have somebody who isn't running the country wrong, criticism
8:08 pm
is right. i'm sure they said the same thing about bill clinton. who is this governor from arkansas. >> bill clinton is more a character issue than competency issue with him. look, you can't rebut the fact that what the -- monica and others said on the radio is now turning out to be true. now, i will challenge you on this. i think it's foolish to it ascribe motives to the president. again, you are entitled to your opinion. it's good fodder for conversation. but, in the proveable realm. the argument becomes much more effective is that here we have a president who is the most liberal president ever, and he can't solve any problems. >> um-huh well, i mean, look, you are talking about -- look, when you talked in 2008 about the fundamental transformation of the nation. we have six years of evidence what he meant by that everything from socialized medicine to wealth we distribution. >> socialized medicine? >> it is worse. you are thinking from your mind set from the far left mind set this is a success. >> he is not far left. >> don't put words in
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powers' mouth. she says that you believe that president obama has been a success is that true? >> i think he has been successful on some things, yeah. absolutely. >> u.s. grant was successful on some things. >> i would say overall he has been a disappointment. but i don't think he is far left by any stretch of the imagination. >> oh. >> which is why the left is so unhappy with him. >> the crooks aren't happy. is he as far left. >> don't know any liberals this is not -- his foreign policy was not, far left. >> kirsten, let's get through all of the investor binge, name one president that was more liberal than barack obama in our nation's history. one. >> jimmy carter. >> oh. no. >> yeah. i think he was. >> anybody else come to mind? rutherford hayes? anybody? >> i don't remember jimmy carter having the type of foreign policy that this president has. at all. >> on that point, jimmy carter actually learned his lesson. jimmy carter at the tail end of his term changed his policies, became more aggressive on the sof yet
8:10 pm
union. this president has not changed and that tells you who he is. >> all right. i have got to go. very interesting, ladies as always. we appreciate it next on the rundown, great american retreat. we talked about it last night with krauthammer. dana perino and alan colmes will have some thoughts tonight. withering attack on the irs. was it unfair? over the top? factor is coming right back.
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i'm bret baier in washington. senate nomination in mississippi has gone to the incumbent let's go to john roberts. >> good evening, bret. looks like 51% for thad cochran, 51% for chris mcdaniel. nobody wanted to see it this close. this is a very, very big wake up call for the republican establishment here in the state of mississippi but there is a new movement in this state they need to pay attention to. cochran won the unions on the coast. 50,000 more people voted in the runoff than the primary. it's extraordinary. >> john, thank you. a major battle for g.o.p. nomination for colorado governor. it's been called for.
8:15 pm
political watchers say this could help cory gardener in the fall. in oklahoma, congressman james langford over senator over the end of the year. it's a busy night here on america's election headquarters i'm bret baier in washington. now back to new york and the o'reilly factor. factor follow up segment tonight. the great american retreat of 2014. no question the u.s.a. is losing influence abroad. here at home border chaos still shaking the economy and a number of major problems. fair to say america is in decline at least at present. charles krauthammer addressed that last night. >> there is a big difference between decline as a condition and decline as a choice. what we have with obama is a president choosing decline. we have a president who
8:16 pm
doesn't believe in american exceptionism, exceptionalism and america's greatness he has chosen for america to retreat from the middle east and not lift a finger places like ukraine. basically to make us one nation among others. >> here now to react dana perino and alan colmes. now, dana, the liberal line is that the decline began while you were working for president bush the younger and they point to the iraq war which drained blood and treasure from this country and then the recession caused by the banking shenanigans behind the scenes. the federal government didn't pick up on. so, you can't blame president obama because it all started on bush. and president obama is just simply not age to dig his way out. and you say in. >> i think that we could play that game all night long. and i could even go back to bill clinton and say well, if he hadn't gutted the intelligence community, then 9/11 might not have happened. and then the clinton people could say well, if george h.w. bush had finished
8:17 pm
desert storm, then we wouldn't have been in this problem in the first place. you can continue to go back a ways and i can argue also on recession that you can look back at the housing policies of the clinton administration and before that. with all the decisions to try to get more minority on housing and how that led to a bubble that the democrats fiercely defended in particular barney frank and chris dodd. >> you remember what happened to barney here. so you are rejecting that argument. >> i think it's fair to argue about what happened under president bush's presidenciy. but that doesn't mean then you can excuse what happened in -- from 2008 on which arguably more consequences. >> do you agree with krauthammer that the president wants american power to recede. do you agree? >> i think that that -- he wants that because he thinks that is the best thing for america. i think his intentions are that america polling back and not being so involved in the world will ultimately
8:18 pm
that's what i think president obama thinks. >> he purposefully wants to us decline? changing decline. want to be involved as much in the world decline, but we have been involved. he went into -- talking about going to iraq. he sent troops in there once again for training purposes. we went into libya. we had a surge in afghanistan. >> let me ask medium workers is declined, correct? >> under him. >> yes. >> that's declined, yes? >> just keeping my question, like a court of law. decline in earning power. >> yes. correct. >> influence abroad, i would say it's decline, challenge by putin. wait wait wait. i will back it up. challenged by putin. okay. gains in iraq lost. afghanistan. >> through no fault of obama. >> gains in iraq. we got out thereof in 2009. >> no, no. mosul is gone now. we have to fight it back. i'm saying gains in iraq
8:19 pm
lost. >> it was working. >> decline on president obama. can you blame whoever you want. that's why i opened up with ms. perino and bush. i'm telling you you said america is not in decline. i i gave you three big things where it is decline and now back to you. now you say and some conservatives are going to be angry with you that it isn't by design that president obama isn't subverting the power of the nation. as you well know that a lot of conservatives believe that's not true. he doesn't really like the capitalistic system. he feels we are unfair nation and he wants to bring us down. i think that it's actually two separate things. do i think president obama wants us to have less influence in the world? yes, because he thinks that is a good thing for america. i disagree. york it's a good thing for america. i like peace through strength. i'm for america being more involved in the world because america is like the mom that you better not cross her. but you better respect her. >> all right. >> that's how you cooperate so i don't think that president obama necessarily
8:20 pm
came into office thinking gosh, i really want to ruin this country and bring it to its knees. >> point real quick because i have got to get the last word. >> effect of the policies, the consequences of policy decisions is that we have all the things that you listed happening and more. >> colmes, last question you got about 30 seconds. the cbs poll shows overwhelmingly that president obama's job approval ratings. >> yes. >> is in the tank because people don't feel is he doing a good job. you feel he is doing a good job. >> yes. >> what's the difference between you and every other american. >> i don't know -- how much time do we have? >> you can't judge this presidency three quarters into it. >> five and a half years? >> you judge the presidency through the lenz of history. >> which why may be -- >> your guy was down and now he is resurrected in terms of ratings. >> that can't happen if president obama loses two wars that's a problem. >> we have very important
8:21 pm
things not to say you are not important. good time to give you results of bill o' poll question should the u.s. bomb iraq. 7 5% say bomb away. 25% say stay await a minute new head of the irs being treated unfairly darrell issa will answer that question. later, stossel says is he being punished because is he no longer a liberal kind of guy. so who is punishing find out who will get them in just a few moments. thit's not the "limit yoursh hard earned cash back" card . it's not the "confused by rotating categories" card.
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8:25 pm
washington darrell issa chairman of the house overnight committee. first of all you and the irs commissioner went back and forth last night. what's your personal assessment of the man? is he a deceiver? >> the simple answer is yes. he had an opportunity when he learned that his earlier testimony was at a minimum incomplete. to come back and tell us that rather than allow it to go to the white house and then only come out to us when we discovered through other subpoenaed documents at the department of justice that, in fact, we hadn't received all of lois lerner's emails. >> all right. it's a little complicated. just so everybody understands, initially, you asked for all of lois lerner's he emails. mr. koskinen said sure i will hand them over to you. then he made a visit to the white house. after he that visit he then come out and said oh, a lot of them are erased that you want and they are all pertaining to lois lerner's activities about the tea
8:26 pm
party conservative groups. so you say that he knew that these things were gone or vanished or whatever story. he subpoenaed them in august of last year for all the documents, all that time went by and apparently they weren't actually looking for them commissioner in front of us in february. at that time he says he didn't know but he did know there was a problem. he never disclosed the nature of a problem or concern. >> in between august or february february to not know. i'm not buying it either. i'm not buying it. i think most of my viewers aren't buying it we feel that there is shah shah -- do you feel other members of the government working for the irs or otherwise purposefully destroyed lois lerner's emails because they would have incriminated the agency? do you believe that's the
8:27 pm
case? >> we don't have evidence of that bill, what we have at the irs is a conscious decision for the irs to destroy all documents after six months unless they are saved by the individual. so, think about this. you self-select the documents you want to keep, the rest disappear after six months. that's how your irs does business. could you imagine. >> sure. and every department, if you do something that you you might get caught, you are going to delete it every human being would do it. now we have to it advance the story. the way to get this thing clarified is to give lois lerner immunity, to force her to testify. is it not? >> i wish it was. he she has already been referred for four criminal indictments. she plead that she is innocent and has done nothing wrong. as you know, if she were willing to proffer through her attorney that she would tell us something, meaningful, disclose how
8:28 pm
these crimes were committed, how then we could. vote. >> do preemptively and waste your time. you know trey gowdy is an experienced prosecutor on my committee. he said very simply she is offered only that she is innocent and misunderstood. we have referred criminal charges from congress because she is not misunderstood. we understood pretty well. >> last question and i have got to run. you know, that the attorney general of the united states is not going to aggressively pursue ms. lerner. you know that. so, it looks to me like this is never going to be clarified. last ward. >> we have, in fact, referred out of the ways and means four criminal charges and she has been held in
8:29 pm
contempt. that is a certainly a good start to say she committed crimes against conservatives in her official role and, in fact, once she is charged by the justice department eric holder ever does it? >> he won't. >> then we have an opportunity to offer immunity, right now justice department of president obama and eric holder. >> that's right. >> there you go. appreciate your time tonight. plenty more ahead as the if a factor moves along this evening. can president obama or any other president kill annual american citizen without court of congressional approval? is it legal on that. and later does jesse watters seek out the dumbest americans he can find? are we stacking the incident electric actual debt? i will deal with it and we hope you stay tuned to those reports. ♪ [ female announcer ] we love our smartphones. and now telcos using hp big data solutions
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personal story segment tonight, amazing, i mean amazing achievement. riann and gildanaze rode a obamacare from morocco to new york city. almost seven hours on the ocean. again they rowed that far. here they are you guys don't look tired. you showed up a few days ago here. >> yes a few days. >> did you almost die? did you have some tough things. >> almost there b. three or
8:34 pm
four times that we really was scared for our lives. our boat capsized. we were stuck underneath the boat. thrown out of boat. had to swim back. >> wave hit the boat. >> 24-foot waves at that time. >> 24 feet. >> top of that wave one tiny boat can you imagine the force that threw us. we lost our satellite phones. dome submersed under water. both of us had 15 seconds of turmoil. her feet caught inside the boat and me being thrown out. it's unbelievable to pause for a moment and going through. >> you get upright and go back in a lot of the food is locked down so you still have your food and water supply. >> yes. >> sharks? lots of sharks? >> definitely. you guys off this coast of new york down to cape hatteras. we had dozens of sharks circling. a quarter shark and bringing it in close to the boat and we had a dozen of them
8:35 pm
circling our boat. >> big sharks? >> 200-pound. we think that's big. if you -- cut ago line by their mouth video footage of the shark turning by us incredible. >> you guys went swimming off the boat, too. >> in the middle of the atlantic went swimming. so hot cannot keep rowing. >> cool off a little bit. were you worried the shark was going to take a nibble out of you. >> mr. o'reilly, we were say to people who come in a boat from cape hatteras to new york. if you fall out of your boat get back. in you are not going to die of hypothermia. >> not a lot of people out there with you guys. how long did you go without seeing land. >> 74 days. >> that was the longest from canary islands to san salvador. 74 days. pollution in the water? >> unfortunately, to tell you the pollution as you
8:36 pm
round cape hatteras goodness gracious. >> when you get close to the united states. >> no, actually just when you round cape hatteras. >> last question, you are in the boat, both of you, you are rowing across the lick 7,000 miles took how long all together. >> 153 days at sea. >> you guys get mad at each other and argument going on here? >> the only argument two and a half days not -- little 22-foot boat that's a long time. >> did you have a little strife? >> we had plenty but i guess it brought us closer together. >> did it really? >> yeah, we are. we have happier than we have been in the 14 years of our relationship. >> you are a couple, right? >> now we would be. >> what you did was amazing. and we really admire you. >> we appreciate the support from the people in the states and from new york and, you know, christopher columbus is well known to you guys and we followed his route in a similar way. we just went one bigger we put forth on north america. >> chris wasn't rowing. thanks guys for coming.
8:37 pm
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i'm bret baier in washington. in mississippi six-term incumbent senator thad cochran survived a challenge from chris mcdaniel to hang on, and win. in new york, charlie wrangle is leading challenger adrian adriano espaillat. so, karl is tonight the empire strikes back? >> this really becomes sort of of case of how out of state super packs, many aligned with the tea party came to a state, made a big stink and it backfired on who it was intended to benefit. over the course of the last month, polls changes, shannon had a lead at one point
8:42 pm
now, it's gone. oklahoma has said they didn't want to be told what to do it's not just here, it's in mississippi. it's a big win for republicans and casts a lot of negative press on the super packs for these set backs >> karl, we'll watch. thanks for watching this election news update. stay with fox news channel for the latest election results. back to the o'reilly factor. thanks forever staying with us. bill o'reilly in the is it legal segment tonight. three hot topics beginning with the memo me explaining why presidents have the authority to kill u.s. citizens. this off the drone attack that killed anwr al in yemen. he had ties to al qaeda and some americans believe the president, mr. obama murdered him. here now attorney and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl, was it murder, wiehl. >> absolutely not. murder or killing lethal combat is okay under the law. when you have got an
8:43 pm
imminent threat as we did here. you have got. >> tell me what the threat was from al awlaki. and intel we telling the president. >> yes. >> and all his big guys big government official. >> um. >>um that al al was involved in future crimes. >> he was a planner? >> had intel that said that because he was a threat to the united states, because he was plotting to kill us, we can wipe him out with a drone. are you buying it? >> yes, i do actually. i think it was justified. and the memo that was released specific just anwar al lackey who they believe operational leader of the enemy force. >> belief me this memo will give other presidents the power to kill people that they feel are. >> 4 o0 page memo. >> my last question on this and we have two other hot topics here. does this memo apply to television commentators who may be a danger to
8:44 pm
administrations? if so i will have to have more construction on my house here. >> you can leave your house. >> people who use children exploit children and rape them and all of this. this is an industry around the world, thailand has a big industry here. scanned knave i can't. and in america, the fbi is now involved in tracking the worst among us down. big raid. what happened. >> operation cross-country, huge success in this war that we are fighting in this country against people who prey against children. it involved 106 cities. 54 fbi divisions. they were able to recover 168 kids, remove this from this. >> prostitutes. >> prostitutes. >> force kids into prostitution. >> used in active sex trade across the country. 281 pimps also taken into custody. >> they could get life these guys, right? >> getting more than the prostitute, obviously.
8:45 pm
they are getting 10 life sentences. >> you have to try to say the people who do this should get life in prison. >> absolutely. >> and the people who try to hire children. >> this is a federal crime. the feds are now making this a federal beef and getting fbi. >> trafficking these kids. >> i want to applaud the fbi. keep going. keep doing this. >> very important to the national center for missing and exploited children very involved and the innocence lost project. they have been releaptless. >> keep it going. >> detroit, michigan, a disaster. half the citizens who live in detroit cannot pay their water bills. >> right. >> so a number of organizations are asking the united nations, wiehl, to pay their water bills. what are they doing. >> four organizations are asking the united nations to get in there and put a black mark against detroit. they are not asking them to pay the water bills. they are saying somehow the united nations can help in this because water is something don't want the city to turn off the water to the people paying their bills. >> it's a basic human right
8:46 pm
something miraculous happens. we turn off the water and the next day they are able to pay their bills. that's a little bit strange but then when you do have half of the city not being able to pay their bill and claim we are going to cut you off. >> of course some people will try to milk the system and they can't afford to it and they have been used to the status quo. >> a lot of people like that. >> until they are forced to do it. we need exact statistics on that. i understand where the u.n. is coming from. but the leadership has to come and infrastructure in the state of michigan. >> there is always stories here. but the united nations has said and correct me if i am wrong, which rarely am. that this is a human right that clean water is a human right and that's how. >> the government should be. >> they are not going to do something. >> fiscal problems. 18 billion. 5 billion is based on the water bill. >> that and camden new jersey. >> the organization says look, just forgive them. >> that and camden two most devastated in the country. check out wiehl's new book
8:47 pm
"a deadly business." >> stossel saying is he being punished because he is no longer a liberal guy: watters dose unfairly seek out dumb americans? we are coming right back. starts with back pain... ...and a choice. take 4 advil in a day which is 2 aleve... ...for all day relief. "start your engines" eating healthier,tion by
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back of the book segment tonight. media bias has affected john stossel. you may remember way, way, way, way, way back stossel was a consumer reporter for abc news and won 19 emmy awards. 19 while he was working for the nets. he hasn't won one lately, and here he is to explain why. i think your work is much worse than it used to be, am i wrong here? >> on this show, yes, compared to my abc work where i was really careful. no, it's the reason i left abc,
8:51 pm
it's the same reason i no longer win emmy awards. they love you when they say, this is going to kill you, and government must step in and fix it. when i wised up and realized, no, by and large things are getting better and business isn't the problem, government regulation is -- >> they didn't want you to. how long did it take you to wise up, as you put it? >> 20 years of -- >> being a consumer reporter? >> you were a hotshot, and i've known stossel a long time, we crossed paths at cbs early in our careers and then he went over to abc. he was always too snob by to talk to me. i watch eed him, and i saw you were winning a lot of awards and accolades. when you came in and said, my reporting isn't really fair. is that what you said it was? >> it was fair, it misled because it scared people about everything. >> so -- >> you weren't putting things into perspective? >> right. >> and you told them that, and they said what to you?
8:52 pm
>> well, why do you want to do those kinds of stories. my first special, are we scaring ourselves to death? they didn't want to put that on. i was going to leave unless you give me specials. they reluctantly let me agree to do that. >> there was a push by the network news people to mute you because you were changing a point of view to a nonbig government thing. >> not that they thought it through that way, but it was icky. >> i believe you, because i've won a few emmy awards, not nearly as many as i should have. but here's the deal. in the grammy awards, they have best audio book. now, we just got word a couple weeks ago, that for the year 2013 june to 2014 june number one audio in the world killing jesus, number two killing kennedy. two best audio sellers in the worlds. i'm not going to be nominated for a grammy, never, way back when i had a book, al franken
8:53 pm
won. it's the same fix is in. it's the same across the board top to bottom? >> yes. i'm just glad there's someone out there they hate more than me? >> i'm better than you, that's why much. >> look at you, emmy people, give him an emmy. shut him up. >> 19 emmys, though. where are they? where do you have them? >> i have some at home, i've thrown a couple away. >> you've thrown a couple away? >> yes. the head of the emmy group, these are not your property. you can't give them away. >> all right. >> give me a couple of them. >> in a moment, waters and dumb people. does he seek them out? do they seek him out? we'll deal with it in the tip of the day. >> are you a tea party type of girl? >> i guess so. >> you guess so? >> yeah. >> do you know what the tea party is? >> no. >> take a guess. >> a party with tea?
8:54 pm
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tim from asheville, new york. you say you suggested militarizing the southern border for years. only governors can do that. that's false, tim. the president has the authority to move the guard as both president bush and obama did in iraq and afghanistan. juan williams is making an invalid comparison. were taken care of biletives, there was no welfare as there is today. >> bill, you are right, the border debacle has to be stopped. brit hume needs to come down and see what's happening to these immigrant children. nashville, tennessee. the left is trying to portray the border crisis as a humanitarian situation. in fact, it's a deliberate exploitation of children for political reasons. president obama does not want to weaken america. i also believe he has no idea how to make the usa strong. bud mullins, how come krauj kraut hammer doesn't have his
8:58 pm
own show on fox? he's smarter than you. if that were the factor, there would be many, many people having shows here. it won't be long that the atheists demand the new orleans saints change their name. your tip mentioned icons, who did you enjoy more, mozart or bay toe convenient. >> i was partial to the oratory of plato. i bought copies of killing jesus with my four adult children. was disappointed there was no mention of the darkness that covered the earth after jesus died. not to say it didn't happen, but all the things in killing jesus we have verified. >> i use my catchup to watch the factor. i'll travel to fargo in i can meet you guys. >> we'll be there at the civic
8:59 pm
auditorium march 26th, mark. if you do fly in from great britain, i'll get you a backstage trip. you'll like the dakotas. the bolder fresher show rolls into boulder city. finally tonight, my factor tip of the day, susan carpenter who lives in peoria, arizona. could you send jesse waters out to talk to normal people? i could answer his questions intelligently. waters is mandated to find a cross section of fowlkes, we use the most flamboyant stuff. trust me, half of the american public is information challenged. if you're watching this program, you're interested in the world. but even though millions of people do watch this every day, most americans don't. why waters is presenting, what he's presenting, because it's real. it's real. unfortunately, lots of dumb people. that is it for us tonight. please check out the factornews
9:00 pm
website different from billo' word of the day, no torpor when writing to the factor. miss megynpromptly, dead shortstop 11:00 a.m. eastern. "the five" is next. >> hello. i'm eric bolling, with bob beckel. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> why did lois lerner's computer crash ten days after she was asked for her emails surrounding the irs targeting conservatives? why did the contracted archive company stop archiving lerner's emails the exact dates in question? why does lois lerner continue to plead the fifth? irs commissioner john koskinen has answers but doesn't think he owes any to the american people. >> i subpoenaed you here tonight because i'm sick a